Almond Butter Crunch

Almond Butter Crunch is a popular candy that everyone loves! Best known as "English Toffee", buttercrunch is finished with chocolate and almonds. We believe we have the most authentic "ABC" that you can find! The ingredients are simple; butter, sugar, raw almonds, & salt. That's it! You can taste the caramelized sugar & butter in every bite. Our delicious chocolate compliments it well, with an addition of roasted almonds makes for the perfect treat! We promise you'll love it as much as we do! Here's how we make it!

First we roast raw almonds in butter and sugar. This is done by cooking butter, sugar & almonds in a copper kettle until it reaches the "hard crack candy stage", which is about 290 degrees. As the sugar caramelizes, it turns a beautiful amber. We have to move quickly at this stage because it can either burn or crystallize, neither of which are desired for buttercrunch. Now it's ready to pour onto the marble tables. The entire building smells divine as we carry the copper kettle into the next room. 


We pour it onto 2 tables and smooth it out evenly. The tables are covered in butter to make sure nothing sticks.  Once the buttercrunch is even, it's ready to cut. We have to move quick, because it's all about timing when it comes to almond butter crunch. Now that it's cut, we flip each piece over individually ensuring it cools on both sides. We put the pieces on buttered trays and bring them upstairs to our enroeber machine.


We fully dip each piece of buttercrunch in our chocolate and then we roll them in roasted almonds. Lastly, we put them in our old fashion tins and they're ready to be packaged up!


We hope you enjoyed learning about the way we make our Almond Butter Crunch!