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Article: 5 Ways to Receive What You'd Love for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

5 Ways to Receive What You'd Love for Valentine's Day

5 Ways To receive what you'd Love for Valentine's Day

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that getting the right Valentine’s Day gift is essential for a good relationship… maybe not essential, but pretty close to it.

You’re probably over the aimless stuffed animals you receive every Valentine’s Day.

You know the ones that eventually end up in the collection of other useless items in your house? Or the same tacky Valentine’s Day heart box from your local drug store, where you practically know the square chocolates are going to be some sort of flavorless caramel? 

Trust me we’ve all been there, but we just don’t know how to get the message across to our loved ones. No need to worry! We have 5 tips to help you receive what you’d actually love for Valentine’s Day!

#1: Leave Your Phone Open on Our Website

If you’re anything like me, you love Peanut Butter Meltaways too. Here’s how I’d make sure I’m enjoying them on February 14th.  

Leaving your phone open on the kitchen table or maybe the couch is certain to draw your loved one’s eye. If, by chance, they take a glance at your phone, it could just so happen to be left open on our Custom Chocolates page … or a puppy adoption website.  

#2: Wear Your Favorite Fudge Shoppe T-Shirt…Everyday

Whether you’re just getting things done around the house or relaxing on the couch, what better shirt to wear than a Fudge Shoppe one! Not only do you get to represent the sweetest spot in Flemington, New Jersey but it might just also get your valentine thinking about how to “up” their gift-giving game.

#3: Leave a Trail of Fudge Shoppe Postcards

Did you know our Fudge Shoppe Postcards contain a QR scanner that will bring you to our website? It is full of Handcrafted Valentines, some of which include Custom Chocolate Hearts of many sizes, our Signature Truffle Assortments, and everyone’s favorite, our Chocolate Covered Fruit.  

 Hide these postcards around your house or leave a trail of them for your special someone to become cupid themself this Valentine’s Day! 

Bourbon Cherries

#4: Forward Our Emails to Your Valentine

What better way to get your valentine thinking about the sweetest gift than spamming their inbox? Ok, maybe don’t spam them but forwarding our emails is a great place to start! Plus, then they can keep up on all of our exclusive deals and promotions. So it’s almost like you’re doing them a favor here! Sign up on our website today to stay up to date on all things Fudge Shoppe!

Salted Caramel Heart

#5: Have Your Friend Help You Out

My friends know me best and I’m sure your friends might just know you better than your significant other does.If that’s the case, have your friends reach out to your loved one to drop hints about what everyone has been dying to receive on Valentine’s Day. They could say something like,

“If I were you and wanted to think outside of the box this Valentine’s Day I would go with an ELEGANT CHOCOLATE BOX…     oh and skip the bouquet of half dead flowers.”

This Is not the year to flop

I think we can all say we’ve all had quite the year, so it’s more important than ever to step up and show your love for the special people in your life.   

Now that I’ve given you five tips of mine, how would you recommend getting exactly what you'd love for Valentine’s Day? The best response will earn the commenter a $25 promo code.

Christina Giliberti

Marketing & Process Coordinator

Freshman at The University of Alabama


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Disclosure: Please do not operate any heavy machinery after reading this: :)

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I apply the 2 for 1 principle that I learned while traversing the country of Burma with Jacopo Peterman… :)

Always ask your Valentine what their favorite chocolate and or candy is from The Fudge Shoppe….And let your Valentine know what yours is as well….

The key here is to buy what YOU like and give it to your Valentine….And say, sorry they “ran out of your favorite item, but I got you something that I hope you might like…and make sure you also say…..”Sorry that it’s not what you wanted"…..Now, hopefully your Valentine will refer to that old adage of, “it’s the thought that counts”…

Congratulations you have successfully secured at least one of your favorite items from The Fudge Shoppe…..and if your Valentine actually purchases what you asked for, you have completed the 2 for 1 deal….

Roll Tide!!

Geez, the things I do to embarrass my kid…. :)


What will I do to get what I want for Valentine’s Day? Hmmm… To get the attention of MY valentine, I’d focus on the right thing to do. Valentines’s Day is a great way to show love to local businesses! Support what is locally made and sold. Secondly, I will remind my valentine that chocolate makes me smile, and chocolate covered fruit from the Fudge Shoppe makes me smile even more! And lastly, I would encourage convenience – there is no easier ordering and pick up process out there. And the hours are fantastic too. Of course, all that convenience the Fudge Shoppe provides leaves time for my valentine to take on making a homemade dinner too!

Linda Pizzico

I just tell them, this is what I want. Easy! (Great write up, Christina).

Andrea W

Tell them that aside from what your planning to get me for Valentine’s Day, can you get me some fruit chocolates to the Fudge shoppe store too.

Eleanor Tous

#6: Send them one of the fudge shoppes social media post saying “Wow haven’t had these in so long :/” and play it off that you meant to send it to your friend and not them.

Kelly Connelly

Such a great and fun article! The fudge shoppe is great & so are the employees (especially the author<3)

Kelly Connelly

#6: Order your own chocolates to share with your Valentine!


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