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Article: Taking Event Favors to the Next Level

Taking Event Favors to the Next Level

Taking Event Favors to the Next Level

Taking Event Favors To the Next Level

What’s more exciting than planning an event to celebrate a significant milestone in someone’s life? From picking out adorable invitations to discovering the most breathtaking venue and making ideal seating charts, it’s all a part of the journey leading up to your big day


But sometimes along the way you might struggle straightening out the details like, where to cater the food from, or which wedding dress to buy, or… what to get as party favors. And this is a big one people. You don't want your event to be remembered for a silly favor.  After surveying 400 plus people, 71.7% reported that "knick-knack" favors end up in the trash

Don’t worry! When it comes to our handcrafted chocolate favors, you only need to hold on to them as long as it takes to pop them into your mouth! If there’s one thing we can help you with, it’s making sure you have the custom favors you’ve always dreamt of!  

Fudge Shoppe event favors were not always an option.

In fact, it wasn’t until our founder’s daughter, Susan Gilchrest married her husband Rich Gilchrest in December of 1985.  Susan explains it best.

 “Well, since our wedding was in December, we looked into getting Christmas tree ornaments as our favors, but then we thought, no one would want that. After looking at a couple of different chintzy favor options, my mom actually suggested we do a four piece chocolate favor box. She totally took on the role of completing our favors for us and, on our wedding day we had a white favor box with a peanut butter meltaway, a hazelnut figuero, a chocolate buttercream and a salted caramel placed at each table setting.” 

I mean, when your family handcrafts some of the most satisfying American-Made chocolates, why not box them up, put a ribbon on them, and hand them out to all your guests?


Since then, our event favors have evolved tremendously. From weddings to baby showers, to graduation parties, we’ve seen it all! We've even customized favors for funerals! Not only do we want to make sure every custom favor is exactly what is desired but we also are passionate about generating fresh batches of chocolates to ensure that everyone is receiving the best of the best. Each favor piece is carefully created by our production team, then are passed along to be perfectly and intentionally packaged.

Here’s a look at two personal experiences with Fudge Shoppe favors...

“Three years ago, The Fudge Shoppe saved my wedding. I was in a time crunch and needed favors.

That’s where The Fudge Shoppe came in. Not only was everyone who helped me super chill, but they assured me that my order of 80 boxed truffles would be ready for the morning before my wedding. And sure enough, the morning before, there were 80 perfectly wrapped boxes of truffles, ready to go.  

People still talk about the truffles (milk chocolate and caramel to keep things simple). As always, the chocolate was delicious. But what I will always appreciate and tell people is that The Fudge Shoppe will help you, no matter your situation.

So all of this to say, thank you, The Fudge Shoppe, for being a reliable, helpful, and delicious local company.”

by Kayla Rowe

“We had ordered boxes of four salted caramels for our attendees and everything was absolutely perfect down to the last detail. The team had perfectly tied each box with a navy ribbon and left them all with perfect Fudge Shoppe stickers.

Even after a long night of celebrating, our guests couldn’t get enough of their favors! People were raving about them for days, with some even going so far to say that, they were the best piece of chocolate they’ve ever had. We were so happy to have the Fudge Shoppe play a part of our wedding day, and we know you gained some forever fans along the way.”

by Giana Panariello

 At the end of the day, skip the fragile Christmas ornament that almost breaks before even leaving the venue, or the little container of crushed m&m’s. What’s next? Personalized socks? Instead, go with a favor that will leave your guests grabbing any chocolates left behind and will have people asking if there are any extras! 

Maybe, just maybe, that would be a Four Piece Truffle Favor Box or a Double Oreo Favor. You dream it and we'll help you make it come to life!

Christina Giliberti

Marketing & Process Coordinator

Freshman at The University of Alabama


요즘핫한노리터 먹튀검증 방문go


Why don’t you make white chocolate anymore like you did years ago for people like me who are allergic to brown chocolate.I used to buy white Easter chocolate and loved the white bunny I would get every Easter .

Karl Bildstein

Hi , I’m looking to do a chocolate gift for the Hunterdon central gymnastics team banquet. It’s a tradition that they must have something chocolate. I was thinking something with HCGym on it . Do you customize? Or a small box of truffles . Let me know your thoughts we would need about 18 of them for end of November .


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