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Easter Chocolate Bunnies & Molds

Easter Chocolate Bunnies & Molds

Looking for chocolate bunnies, rabbits, pops, and crosses? We got you covered! Shop all your Easter needs!

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Solid Sitting Rabbit
Solid Sitting Rabbit Sale priceFrom $4.50
Chocolate Wild Rabbit
Chocolate Wild Rabbit Sale priceFrom $18.00
Fuzzy Chocolate Bunny
Fuzzy Chocolate Bunny Sale price$15.00
Solid Little Bunny
Solid Little Bunny Sale price$4.50
Chocolate Bunny Pop
Chocolate Bunny Pop Sale priceFrom $1.50
Chocolate Pack Rabbit
Chocolate Pack Rabbit Sale priceFrom $10.25
Easter Bunny in Car
Easter Bunny in Car Sale price$11.50
Chocolate Tractor Rabbit
Chocolate Tractor Rabbit Sale price$13.50
Solid Standing Rabbit
Solid Standing Rabbit Sale price$6.75
Rabbit Holding an Egg
Rabbit Holding an Egg Sale price$29.00
Laughing Rabbit
Laughing Rabbit Sale price$16.00
Large Cross
Large Cross Sale price$15.00
Foiled Egg Pops
Foiled Egg Pops Sale price$6.00