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Article: 6 Easter Products Have Us Ready for Spring

Easter Candy & Chocolates

6 Easter Products Have Us Ready for Spring

Chocolate easter bunny

  There is always a sense of excitement and a certain thrill relating to every season and holiday here at The Fudge Shoppe. Each time of year brings its own unique plethora of handcrafted products off our production lines, through our stores and into your homes. We love the smell of caramel that accompanies the changing of the leaves in autumn, humming along to our favorite Holiday tunes while making peppermint bark, and singing “All the Single Ladies” while packing endless chocolate hearts which men have waited until the very last second to order for Valentine’s Day.

 But of all the seasons and holidays, many of us find that Easter is one of the most exciting here at The Fudge Shoppe.


 While we love the warm breezes promising of summer, the blooming of those vivid greens beneath stormy, gray, winter skies and the ever increasing moments of soaking up extra Vitamin D, it’s the smells, tastes and designs of Easter products that have us *hopping* for joy. 

  WOOF! I promise I won’t try anymore bunny puns. I’ll go cry in the corner and be back in a second.

Easter Liquor Truffles
Chocolate Easter Bunny

  I’ve collected myself.


   Now, as so many of us find this time of year to be so electrifying, what follows is a variety of amazing people sharing their favorite products which can only be enjoyed at this very exact time of year! 


   Becca was part of our retail team while getting her nursing degree and has been a nurse at Saint Peters for the last six months. But on a weekly basis, you can still find her laughing and using her razor sharp wit in our store fronts. When asked which Easter product she loved most, she replied, “Little Bunny! The cute and chubbish one!” 

Little Chocolate Bunny
Little Chocolate Bunny

“I mean look at him! It’s so cute and delicious. He’s been my favorite since last year because he’s just adorable. I look at this bunny and it immediately brings a smile to my face. I should mention that I like him best in dark chocolate though.”

   As many of you know, Rich has been the President of our organization for over 20 years and has been making our Handcrafted Fudge for over 30. He also happens to be my dad so I, fortunate soul that I am, was able to obtain an exclusive 5:00am interview with him.

Family Chocolate Shop

  “Fudge and Nut Eggs are an Easter product I look forward to a lot because I’m very proud of them.      

  “First of all, they take all these varied ingredients that we already have throughout the year and blend them in a unique way. Chewing it, there’s a complexity of texture and flavor that makes it a super culinary experience.”


 “Thirty years ago, there were a few other candy companies creating products like these but no one does anymore because the process is too intense and fast paced.”

Fudge and Nut Egg


Ally is a Marketing Specialist and Head of Design here at The Fudge Shoppe. She spends her days working through and implementing beautiful improvements in the way we communicate. 

  “I feel like it’s really hard to choose a favorite, but I think I’d go with Gourmet Pectin Jelly Beans.”

Gourmet Pectin Jelly Beans

  “With these in particular, you just never know what you’re going to get! I love eating them without looking at which one you picked and you guess the flavor. I love the way the speckled beans look but the cotton candy is probably my favorite. Also, hear me out, Buttered Popcorn is so good. Like weirdly good.” 


 “I eat a few every day because you never know what you’re going to get! It’s so exciting and makes me excited for Spring!”

Gourmet Pectin Jelly Beans

  “PEANUT BUTTER EGGS!” responded both Alysia and Christina. While Alysia works in Accounting, Christina is part of our production team as well as our Marketing and Process Coordinator. But what brings them together is obviously Peanut Butter Eggs.

Peanut Butter Eggs

 “I love them because they’re only around once a year, and they’re way different than our Peanut Butter Meltaways” says Christina. “It’s saltier” she says with mirth. (Christina, Alysia and Susan are well known for their love of all foods with an extra pinch of salt.)

 “No! That's right!” joins in Alysia. “It’s saltier and I love the texture, where it’s a little thicker.”

 “So how many do you eat per week?” I ask.

 “Do you mean besides the ones we’re eating right now?” Christina counters with a laugh. “At least two a day!”

 “And if I’m drinking wine at night, it could be upwards of four” Alysia laughingly joins in.

  From here, they proceeded to one-up each other on how addicted they are to Peanut Butter Eggs, all the while the laughter grew in proportion to their obsession. We’ll leave them to it.


Throughout her high school years, Taylor found herself diligently moving through our midst, accomplishing every task with a smile and a story to tell. She is currently studying Forensics at West Virginia University but on breaks, she walks in the doors like no time has passed and blends into the busy mix flawlessly. 

  “I love the foiled eggs. Especially the crispy ones.”

Foiled Chocolate Easter Eggs

  “They remind me of growing up when my mom would come here and buy them for my Easter baskets. My basket would be full of all kinds of exciting gifts but these just really send me back.”


 Okay, my turn!

  Growing up in The Fudge Shoppe, I had the unique experience of looking up to our Three Foot Chocolate Rabbit. 



And white chocolate too! What the heck was going on in the 90’s anyway?

Giant White Chocolate Rabbit

   I loved watching my grandfather pouring out 16 pounds of chocolate into this enormous mould, sealing it up with giant screws and tossing the frame to achieve an even interior chocolate spread. When I took over moulding 13 years ago, he’d come watch, giving me the same tips each time I began and would tell me how challenging it was to create this giant rabbit in the earliest days of our company. 

We’ve perfected the craft since our founding 61 years ago, and produce these chocolate monstrosities with precision but the excitement remains. The appearance of the first 3 Foot Rabbit seems to signal that our Easter season has, in truth, begun and everyone feeds off the excitement and the nostalgia.

Giant Chocolate Rabbit
Giant Chocolate Rabbit

There is absolutely a sense of satisfaction as the rabbit breaks free of its mould and stands towering above us on the table, but the real thrill for me comes from the decorating. Almost three pounds of elegant, colorful decorations are strategically placed all over to bring this classic Fudge Shoppe Easter Rabbit to vivid life. The finished product always requires a moment to step back and admire.

Giant Easter Bunny

Now it’s your turn! 

  What Easter chocolates and candies bring the most excitement to you and your home? How do you celebrate the season with taste and texture? 

The best answer will receive a $50 Fudge Shoppe gift card by April 6th! 

Adam Gilchrest

Marketing and Production Manager

Fifth Generation Candy Maker

Adam Gilchrest


Among the 6 Easter products, which


is more important to prepare?


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Omg everything looks amazing especially the 3 foot bunny Wow!

Traci Zuczek

personally, i’m a sucker for your homemade thin mints, but…

i work at duke farms and we recently bought one of your gargantuan, 3-foot tall milk chocolate bunnies to commemorate spring at the office – we’re an environmental nonprofit on a 1,000+ acre property that’s open for visitation so spring is a BIG DEAL. all the staff came together in the atrium. our farm staff recently delivered 14 baby cows (and counting)… like i said, spring is a busy time here! we collectively felt like the farm staff deserved a shoutout for working extra hard in prep for spring so they were called forward to smash the bunny with an assortment of mallets. afterward, we all had coffee and partook in the smashed chocolate like a coterie of spring-minded, chocolate-craving fiends. it was great.


Peanut Butter Eggs are the BEST! And of course a solid white chocolate bunny!

Tracy Alfano

I’m a sucker for milk chocolate and peanut butter in all forms


Everything. Can’t pick a favorite 😍

Ruth Gilleo

Gluten free chocolate covered pretzels is the BEST Easter candy! Thank you for making them and making me be able to enjoy this special treat when no one else can! Peanut butter meltaways are a very close second!

Debbie Lavish

I love the peanut butter eggs, but the dark chocolate non pariels are also always a hit with my kids!

Aimee Thomson

So hard to choose just one favorite but will go with peanut butter eggs 😍

Christina Piluso

We live in upstate NY but ALWAYS stop at the fudge shop when traveling through. Love the creamy PB eggs during Easter time. Ultimately though, dark chocolate nonpareils remain my favorite!

Linda LaCasse

This year, the consensus in my family is your dark chocolate fudge egg, both with and without nuts. I bought one in addition to our traditional coconut cream eggs and I’m glad we didn’t wait until Easter to try it. We enjoyed it so much, I sent them to both my sisters and my husband’s 96 year old Aunt. They were a big hit!


We go there all the time for chocolate covered fruit especially the strawberries and pineapple. Ever since my wife introduced me to your shop well over 17 years ago, you’ve been apart of our family. Holidays, just because and anytime stopping by. My kids now have grown up eating the delicious chocolate and look forward to eating it all the time. When asked what they love they said everything and they dream of one day being able to work there with the awesome family run business. They have enjoyed learning all about chocolate every time Mr. Rich does a demo and let’s them taste test. It’s been something that we love here in flemington and love going too. It’s a hidden gem to us locals.

Kevin S

I’ve always really loved the dark chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. They are so satisfying when you bite through the crispy chocolate outer shell and sinking your teeth into the pillowy, heavenly marshmallow goodness. It’s just perfection. And you guys make ’em the best!


We are long time residents in the area, and treats from your shop have become integral parts if our family’s holiday celebrations, particularly Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. It isn’t just the incredibly good chocolate items that are important to us, but also the artistry you folks pour into your products. Some of your molded chocolate work is just the stuff of dreams! Our “must haves” for Easter include the delicious chocolate figures, the foiled chocolate items, the wonderful jelly beans, and, always, a Panorama Egg. And just a visit to the shop before one of these holidays is enough to stir holiday spirit and anticipation into life! Thanks for being here!

Robert Cole

I love the chocolate bunnies and I bought your filled mini Easter baskets to give out.

If you have any of the liquor filled chocolates left I’ll pick up a couple of boxes, the St Patrick’s Day one’s were a big hit.

I would be remissed if I didn’t mention your chocolate covered fruit, love the dark chocolate with raspberries and pineapple the best. I love giving boxes of these as gifts.


Anything in (vegan) dark chocolate 😋


Peanut butter eggs and without a doubt chocolate-covered fruit!!


Hands down it’s the chocolate covered pretzels! So you think they aren’t for Easter? Oh those sweet & salty treats are a staple in our Easter baskets right along side the foiled eggs, jelly beans & yes the Swedish fish! Don’t forget the dark chocolate marshmallow eggs & non-parrells (who cares how you spell it!) Delicious 😊💕


Anything with nuts and chocolate, especially dark chocolate! Of the Easter treats, I love the fudge and nut eggs and the P.B. Eggs! But, anything from your shop is fantastic!


Anything with nuts and chocolate, especially dark chocolate! Of the Easter treats, I love the fudge and nut eggs and the P.B. Eggs! But, anything from your shop is fantastic!


My Mom would always get us the traditional chocolate bunnies, but my all time favorite were the “Robin eggs” .. those malt eggs were AMAZING. Solid and speckled colored. Melt in your mouth. Do you still make them?

Debbie Meyer

My son loves the white coconut eggs but anything you have is great!

Patti Roehm

My all-time favorite? Nothing beats the butterscotch chocolate crunch bars. Easter or not, they are the best and can’t be found anywhere like the Fudge Shoppe. Also, your chocolate peanut butter fudge is the BOMB!!!!! :)

Joanna Trani

The traditional milk chocolate Easter bunny! I remember growing up it would come in the yellow box with the green shred. I savored every bite of that bunny. The hollow part was delectable but chomping on the more solid base was such a treat! I loved popping out the colorful foil eggs from the bunny’s chocolate basket and saving those for a treat after, or eating them first! Sweet memories!

Natalie Baus

It’s hard to believe that we have gone to The Fudge Shop for fifty years on all holidays. We love it all, the chocolate covered fruit and the best tasting sugar free chocolate anywhere. We’ve celebrated our kids on occasions through the years with The Fudge Shop chocolate and now our grandchildren are loving it, especially the one in college! Such a pleasure to live near you and your staff.

Barbara Balak

So many favorites to choose from. I have to say coconut chocolate eggs, solid bunnies and liquor filled truffles are delicious.

Susan Ryan

Peanut butter eggs! But the liquor truffles from Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day this year were all awesome, so I’m super excited for the Easter ones!!


Great article!!! Peanut butters eggs my favorite from the Fudge Shoppe!!!

Melissa L

We moved to NJ 10 years ago and joyfully discovered the Fudge Shoppe! My favorite is the Almond butter Crunch. My husband likes the thin mints. We all love the peanut butter assortment. My son loves everything. We started buying maple creams for my husband’s 92 year old grandma and now my diabetic brother-in-law always requests we bring him your sugar free peanut butter eggs and sugar free malt balls. He says you have the best sugar free chocolates!

Whether it’s your advent calendars, Easter goodies, or chocolate “just because,” we are do happy to have The Fudge Shoppe in our traditions.


The three foot chocolate bunny was the highlight of every Easter when I was growing up. From the time we were shorter than the rabbit to being taller and getting to be the one to unwrap all its deliciousness. One Easter there was no rabbit. We went to Church, came back, and the Easter bunny made a second trip and brought the 3 foot bunny! Most magical Easter ever. Decades later, my sister started the tradition with her kids, having us deliver the rabbit all the way to Massachusetts!!

Pam Gorman

The coconut eggs and chocolate rabbits have been in a tradition in my family as far as I can remember. Now one of my favorite things after Easter is to use some of the chocolate rabbit for chocolate chip cookies. Although it is very sad to break him up in so many pieces. Thanks so much for being a part of me Easter memories since childhood!


So hard to choose just one Fudge Shoppe favorite but mine would have to be the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. I hide them and eat them all myself. Don’t worry, the Easter Baskets are full of other Fudge Shoppe goodies!!

Debby Manz

When I was a Teenager I would save up my money and buy my Mother one of Your Chocolate Bird Houses for Easter. They were so appealing with the little Bird on the perch.
Do You still make them?

Bruce Gillette

My favorite Easter candies are coconut eggs and peanut butter eggs


Have been getting your delicious candy for over 35 yrs. Easter, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it. Buying for baskets when the kids were young I always treated myself to a small, dark chocolate cross! The dark chocolate eggs can’t be beat. I always had to count chocolate bunnies, make sure the sizes were somewhat equal, remember who liked dark, milk& white, don’t forget the coconut egg for the table! And now the grandkids get to enjoy your special treats! Thank you for one of life’s needed pleasures!


My favorite would be milk chocolate foiled eggs..yum. but I also like those creamy peanut butter eggs.

Chris Costantini

I love the milk chocolate rabbit for Easter! The Fudge Shoppe makes the best ones. So delicious!!

Lena Rizzo

My favorite is the specialty eggs, I like the fudge, caramel and nut covered in milk chocolate. I also always love a classic milk chocolate solid bunny, Thank you for all you do.

Sara Rivera

My favorite is dark chocolate nonpareil. But for Easter, the creamy peanut butter eggs are hard to beat.

Linda LaCasse

I’d love some peanut butter eggs!

Stephanie Higgins

Dark chocolate foil eggs, such beautiful little Easter treats and so delicious!


I love the peanut butter eggs! I agree that the extra salt flavor makes them perfect!

Wende Brandt

Growing up we always got a giant chocolate rabbit in our Easter Baskets and now my kids get them in theirs.. it’s so wonderful to have such a wonderful family owned shop in town. It’s a wonderful feeling biting into the rich, smooth , creamy, chocolate rabbits.


Ah…..Easter isn’t Easter without Fudge Shoppe in your basket (or on your counter, in the cabinet, in the pantry…). My personal fav is the Nougat eggs covered in dark chocolate. Soooooo Good. Now, my husband is partial to the dark chocolate eggs. The kids love it all. Hand over fist, just place it in front of them, and they’ll go wild! Happy Easter!


I’ve always loves the combination of chocolate, fruit, and nuts. It was the chocolate I secretly searched for when my parents would bring home an assorted box from the grocery store. Unfortunately (or fortumately), there was usually just one square.

When I was in the Fudge Shoppe a few weeks ago picking up last-minute St. Patrick’s day pops for the kids, I saw they had the chocolate, fruit, and nuts combo on the shelf, wrappes.for spring! I wasn’t ready (or expecting them) but I will definitely be making a trip back to pick up a few.


I love the Fudge Shoppe candy. The Burry family was near and dear to our family in my younger years. It’s nice to read up on how this family has grown.

Beth Siever

I started buying the giant rabbit 25 years ago and always enjoyed the look on all faces when I carried it in ,

Joan Haberle

My favorite Easter candy are the Easter Jelly Beans!!

Kari Patane

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