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Article: 6 Products Mom Deserves

mothers day chocolate and candy

6 Products Mom Deserves

Cocolate Mothers Day

The Challenge of Mother’s Day

   Shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be challenging. After all, what more does she need since she has you? 


  JOKING! I WAS JOKING! Moms, put down the rocks! No need to stone me to death! My gosh, some people just can’t take a joke anymore.


  Anyway, it can be one of the greatest challenges of your life to find a gift that adequately portrays your deep, undying appreciation of the person who often has given almost everything to help you on your path through life; your mom. And now I’m here to offer you a few suggestions based on what sort of mom you have been gifted by fate.

For the Salty Lover

 We all know (or are) one of these. It’s one thing to be sprinkling a little extra salt over your steak but there’s that special group of people who arrive at their vacation destination and immediately google “closest salted caramel ice cream”. 

Just to be upfront and honest, I’m one of these and very proud of it. One blisteringly hot summer day, my 6 year old son once caught me salting my peanut butter swirl ice cream and was absolutely horrified.

But my daughter eats the salt off her pretzels and hand-selects the saltiest bagels, so at least not all my children are embarrassed by their fathers salt obsession.

salt lover

   But back to moms!

   If your mom is always sneaking chips just for that salty kick, a Salted Caramel Assortment will put them over the top. First, the salt crystals just look gorgeous on the chocolate coating. Milk or dark chocolate, it doesn’t matter. They just scream “savor me!” Secondly, the salty-sweet combination is mouthwateringly beautiful. 

Salted Caramel

   You have the sharp kick of salt but the moment the chocolate hits, the magic begins to happen. Those two bold flavors work their way in and through, creating a more vivid and rich flavor experience. 

   But then suddenly, you have that soft, warm caramel that pulls the whole experience into what is quantifiably called “Heaven”. And that was just one piece!

  Don’t forget to breathe mom!

salted caramel

For the Mom Always Reaching for the Peanut Butter

   I have friends who become emotional when talking about their love of peanut butter. They’re the sort who make warding gestures when the words “peanut” and “allergy” are used in conjunction. 

  If the mother figure in your life gets their hand stuck in the Peanut Butter jar more than you’ll ever admit to anyone but God, we have an enormous selection of irresistible handcrafted chocolates for you to choose from. But, in my peanut butter lover opinion, “I love you” is also spelled “Peanut Butter Grahams”. 

peanut butter grahams

   Let’s just take a moment to think about that articulate “crunch” of the cracker, blended with the soft, melty, gooeyness of the peanut butter, all within a rich chocolate coating. 


Okay, I’m getting emotional. 

  “Alexa, play ‘I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston’”. 

peanut butter chocolates

For the Mom Looking to Getaway

  In the dead of winter, some of us are still loving our sweaters, our Fudge Shoppe beanies, and the way snow looks in the moonlight, while others are humming the Beach Boys and browsing flights to anywhere with clear oceans and a sandy shore. 

   If mom is always itching to get into a warmer climate, Toasted Coconut Marshmallows are a bite-size dose of what she needs. 

handcrafted marshmallow

A play on our famous Handcrafted Marshmallow, these little squares are infused with a smooth coconut flavor, cut to size and quickly tossed in toasted shreds of real coconut.

The result is a supreme experience of flavor but the texture is what gets people every time; the fluffy, cloud-like, silky smoothness of the marshmallow is contrasted by the hearty crunch of the crispy coconut flakes.

toasted coconut marshmallow

For the Mom Who’s Always Saying “Aesthetics”

   I love being around people who intentionally engage with experiences on a deeper level. I have a friend who is always feeling the texture of a matte label on a can, noticing the enticing color contrast on signs and explaining how unique textures are “satisfying”. I live a more captivated life because of my friends' love of the aesthetics around us.

chocolate truffle assortment
coffee break truffles

If your mom is someone who is obsessed with look, feel and taste on a more profound level, Signature Truffles are the perfect shared Mother’s Day experience. Settle in and take turns sampling flavors from Hometown Sherbet to Jersey Raspberry to Caramel Macchiato to Cinnamon Bun and far beyond. Each truffle has been designed to deliver an immersive chocolate experience; from the artistic design to the balanced flavors of the ganache center. 

For the Mom that Snacks with the Kids

  We snack all day long so who are we to judge! Anyway, let’s be honest; sometimes kids' snacks just hit way better than “grown up snacks”.

Chocolate Covered Oreo

If mom still brings a few “extra” cookies and just happened to “accidentally '' bring another glass of milk to the table, it’s safe to say she’d be all in on (let’s say it together) Chocolate Covered Oreos. This Mother’s Day, mom should be free to eat a few of these and then take a nap. She deserves it.

For the Mom Always “On-the-Go”

   You know that mom on the move and always reaching for that small bag, bar or pack of snacks to keep them going for the extra mile? I’ve got two suggestions for this type of mom.

First, and most obvious; Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

 For the chocoholic coffee-lover (mom or not) these are nearly impossible to resist. The sweetness of the milk, dark and white chocolate pulls that crisp, roasted flavor in every bite. And in that crunchy “pop” when they bite the bean and they’ve got the perfect exciting, energizing, sweet treat to keep them moving for the next long while.

Second, Cocoa Dusted Almonds.

Cocoa Dusted Almonds

 If mom loves a handful of almonds, especially between meals or as a car snack, these are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The thick coating of cocoa powder lends a uniquely robust flavor and soft mouth feel, before breaking through the almond and introducing the nutty flavor.

These are literally irresistible.

Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Confession Time

   Truth be told. I’m not a mom. Yes, yes. I know I had you fooled this entire time, except when I overtly mentioned that I’m a father. 


 But after interacting with hundreds of mothers over the years, I can safely say that one thing unites the vast majority of moms; a deep and profound love of chocolate. Perhaps it grows in them as a reflection of their love for their children or perhaps it’s just that most people love the flavor of delicious high-quality chocolates. We may never know.


  But now as always, it’s your turn. How do you incorporate chocolate into the ways which you say “I appreciate you” to your mom or mother figure? 

 The best answer will receive a $50 gift card FO FREEE! Share with mom!

Adam Gilchrest

Marketing and Production Manager

Fifth Generation Candy Maker

Adam Gilchrest


I appreciate my mom on Mother’s Day and every day.
She is 83 and prefers dark chocolate. For each holiday and some non holidays, I choose a different chocolate for her from the Fudge Shop. Her favorites are the non pareils and chocolate covered pretzels. She treats herself to one chocolate a day and my treat to her is giving her something she loves.


I like to think every day is Mother’s Day for my mom. What better way to treat her like the queen she is than with your chocolate covered fruit! But now, since I don’t live nearby, I have the candy shipped to me so I can surprise her at Christmas with your delicious holiday treats, Easter with her favorite non-perils, or any time I want to surprise her just because she is my mom, and to me, is the best one I know!


My mom introduced me to The Fudge Shoppe when I was growing up. Every holiday we would find Fudge Shoppe chocolates on the table, in our Christmas stocking or in our Easter baskets. Now I try to bring her the same level of goodness. I pick up her favorite chocolate covered fruits whenever she needs a pick me up. She is a fulltime carer for my dad so she needs a little extra sweetness from time to time. She loves the Fudge Shoppe advent calendar I get her each fall. For Valentine’s day I pick up her favorites for my dad to give her. Together we send care packages to my sister who misses the Fudge Shoppe now that she has moved away. It’s a little piece of home.

Carol Greenstone

I always get both my mom and mother-in-law goody baskets for the various holidays, including Mother’s Day. I always listen very closely to their likes and dislikes throughout the year to make sure I get them the things they like best, which hopefully demonstrates to them that I both know them and pay attention to them. I think moms in particular feel like their wants and needs are not always listened to, and they often feel overlooked in their care-taking of family and friends, so I try to show them through the various candy and snacks I select for them that I do listen and consider their wants and needs, while also giving them a much needed indulgence – it doesn’t hurt that they are both sweet tooths and avid chocaholics on top of it!


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