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Article: Love+One Giveaway

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Love+One Giveaway

  It’s hard not to notice the increased experiences of loss over the last few challenging years; loved ones, jobs, hobbies, education, relationships. Through all this, it’s become apparent that there is one vital thing that ties each of us together and helps us find a path forward; community.

Community: a group of people having particular characteristics in common.

carol fudge shoppe
   Family, friendships, religious establishments, jobs, hobbies, even school; if you have a part in any of those, you have a community. My personal favorite community just happens to be based around chocolate. For me, chocolate is something I can enjoy for myself, but more importantly, I can share it with those around me. If you made “gift giving of chocolate” into the sixth love language, it would be my top. 

   Over the last several years, sharing chocolate with others was one of my favorite actions of kindness to witness during a time of heightened disconnection from the world. People were able to send chocolate to their loved ones all across the country when they couldn’t see them for months on end. It became the perfect way to show them that they were loved and missed. 

caroline at the fudge shoppe

   The chocolate at The Fudge Shoppe has been a staple in the New Jersey community since 1961, and I’ve been a part of making chocolate magic happen since July of 2017 (5 years as of two weeks ago!). It’s a place for people to go when they are having a bad day or just want a sweet treat! The place to get the must haves for family events, friends hanging out, wedding favors, Christmas gifts, Easter rabbits, sweets for your Valentine and more! But in my mind, The Fudge Shoppe is even more than all that; it provides people with a sense of community. Since its founding in 1961, The Fudge Shoppe has strived to be a beacon of love within our local and global community. But The Fudge Shoppe isn't the only love-spreading community I've been privileged to be apart of.


  Love+One International is a nonprofit organization that provides life-saving medical care and rehabilitation to children in remote areas of Uganda. Once the children are stable, they’re transferred to the Love One Center, in Gulu, Uganda, to be given every opportunity to regain their health, and where their parents learn about basic healthcare, nutrition and hygiene. When children are restored to health, they return home to grateful families and joyful communities.

   Love One is an organization I’ve had the privilege of being a part of since February 2021 and that is so near to my heart for who they are and what they do, both on the ground in Uganda and stateside (based in Nashville but with ambassadors all over the country). The community I have built through being an ambassador for Love One is something I will hold onto for the rest of my life. 

   Today, you can be a part of this redeeming community and save young lives by donating a single dollar to save precious little children on the other side of the world. As a thank you, EACH dollar will earn an entry to win this giant chocolate basket!

   Click this link to donate and thank you for being a part of both the Love One and Fudge Shoppe communities!

   The basket winner will be drawn August 24th. Good luck everyone!

   I‘d like to thank each and every one of you for entering into this giveaway to help me raise money for this sweet organization. And thank you to my wonderful The Fudge Shoppe family for helping me organize this fundraiser. 

Caroline McCarthy

Sophomore at James Madison University

Packaging Specialist at The Fudge Shoppe since 2017

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What a beautiful piece or writing, Caroline! Bless your heart!

Terrie Piell

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